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Why Use A CO2 Monitor?

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A Healthier Body And Mind

CO2 gas is formed in every room where people or animals live. Prolonged stay in rooms with elevated CO2 levels has a negative impact on all vital organs and the central nervous system.

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Stronger Immune System

At elevated concentrations, CO2 gas begins to adversely affect the human body. It has been studied that reaching 1500ppm, which is not a high concentration of CO2, doubles human capacity to perceive.

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Disease Prevention

The more oxygen is provided to the environment, the more alkaline it is. For a healthy person, it is slightly alkaline - pH 7.4. CO2 acidifies the human body. An acidic environment is beneficial for different kind of diseases.

Benefits of Maple
CO2 Monitor

Ash Tree body in different shades

Straightforward air quality readings

Uses an NDIR Infrared CO2 gas sensor

Easy to install

Very accurate measurements

Environmentally friendly design and packaging

Clean Air Wherever You Are


Air quality is important to you and the health of your loved ones. You spend many years indoors collectively, and much of that time sleeping. Indoor spaces need proper ventilation in order to improve air quality. Fortunately, you can monitor your air quality easily. Your Maple CO2 Monitor can be put in a visible location so it is easy to check on your CO2 levels. It will help you to know when there is a concern.


Offices tend to contain many people who are breathing in a contained space for several hours per day. In more dense, industrial areas, CO2 levels may be even much higher. A CO2 sensor gives you the peace of mind that your air quality is being monitored reliably and affordably. If you want your Maple CO2 Monitors to be engraved with your company logo, then let us know so we can create it specifically for you!


Schools are places where many people gather. CO2 concentrations increase in proportion to the number of people in the room, so it would be important to respect the minimum room area per pupil of 2m2. This is not always possible, so it is important to keep track with a CO2 monitor to ensure that the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air is at a healthy level.


The more people that are in a space, the more an air conditioning system has to regulate itself to control ventilation to meet the needs of that space. In retail stores, where there can be a high volume of customers, it is beneficial to have a monitor that can tell you if you reach high CO2 levels.


Inside of each monitor is a lamp, a light tube, a wavelength filter, and an infrared detector. The concentration of CO2 can change depending on the conditions of the room, and the maple leaf-shaped monitor gives visual indications of CO2 levels rising.


Very good air quality, fresh and health-facilitating air.


Green & Yellow

Good air quality, usually such air is found in rooms with good air circulation.



Moderate, acceptable air quality, room aeration is desirable.


Yellow & Red

Poor air quality, increased air staleness, room aeration is recommended


Very poor air quality, the level of air staleness is close to dangerous, thorough room aeration is required


CO2 Monitor

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Client Reviews

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Agnese Zaķīte

"Yesterday I received a fantastic gift from RIPO Baltic. This CO2 Maple product is very interesting.

About the lack of air in the room it shows very effectively bychanging the light. This maple leaf with different colors in design is very beautiful.Even at night, red - but still a kind of light, because at night the air is stuffy andheavy. I am happy with this product and would definitely recommend others to try it!"

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Kristīne Bērziņa

University of Latvia, Faculty of Business, Management and Economics

"I bought myself your product in August at the Inovus festival.Thanks again for

Maple CO2, sometimes I use it in lectures when there are morestudents and the heating is on to control when I need a break!"

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Ģirts Tomsons

T Birojs SIA

"Thanks, everything works. Thank you also for the efficiency when it was necessary

to deliver very quickly and customize the product!"

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Irita Kota Dombrovska

Dinex Latvia SIA

"We bought your product as gifts for our customers, with our logo."

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Uldis Janelsiņš

Instrumentu servisa centrs SIA

"Hello! We bought a device to control the air quality in the bedroom. To his great surprise, 

there was no "threat" in the morning. The device proved itself in the living room, where we stay on weekends and in the evenings. Thanks to the color change inthe device, we ventilate the rooms more often and have "clear" heads."

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Ojārs Zeltiņš

"Works great!"

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Jūlija Kezika

Montessori preschool „Pētnieku darbnīca”

"I received your order today. Well-processed and well-designed product, thank you very much!"

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Elīna Koršuna

Hansavest Latvija

"I can share my experience on the Maple monitor. I bought several CO2 Maple monitors.

So I tried it in the office and at home. There is a small room in the office and placingit on the window most often it appears that the air "ran out" quickly, and most likely it is true, because the room is not large. At home it was a little different. I put it in the children's room to make sure they hadgood air. In the first days, although I ventilated several times, getting green was quite rare and for a short time. But when we were lucky with a warmer holidays, we kept the windows open almost all day and then it was different, in the morning and evening, ventilating for about 10-20 minutes, the leaf was already green. Towards the morning, there was still the greenish-yellow, then the leaf held green again after a little airing. There was a feeling that while we didn’t ventilate out the breathed air from all the huts, it was difficult to get a normal air condition - a green leaf ;) I also gave this device to loved ones, two new owners considered design beautiful andappropriate as interior item.The opportunity to follow the air quality also seemed like a good idea and was embraced with joy and responsiveness. I would say that over time there is no need at all to keep on a device for a long time and continuously, rather to accustom yourself to the routine that the room needs to be ventilated and for how long (how to create a habit). And then you can control yourself every now and then. Because one week, when all the time it was on and we were able to ensure that it is green, then seemed to be enough for some time. Now I think I could turn it on again. I also see this device in the kindergarten and plan to give it to my children in two groups of Mālpils kindergarten, so that the teachers can check how well the rooms are ventilated and when they need to be ventilated again. In general, it is very gratifying that Latvian entrepreneurs produce and create something new and with added value, so I definitely support!"

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"Works and also looks just great! I like it so much!"

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Valters Šics

IT specialist

"I couldn't imagine that in just a couple of hours two people could exhale a relatively

large room and the air gets unhealthy. CO2 Maple changed the ventilation habits ofour rooms at home and also at work. Now we always have fresh air and CO2 Maplegives this confidence or warns if extra ventilation is needed. I definitely recommendthis device to others, it is high quality, fits well into interior and what is veryimportant that the quality of sleep has also improved with fresh air."

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Liene Šomase


"I use the Maple air quality measuring device both at home and in my studio.

The air at home is good, because there is more space in the countryside to ventilate. I like that now after taking the measurements, I can be sure that ventilation is fine. I also took Maple to my studio, but it was more stuffy here! Good air is especially important here, so that young people do not get tired and are able to concentrate. The device is also visually beautiful, it is very useful for me and I recommend it to others so that you can quickly and clearly see what kind of air is in the room."

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Ingrīda Grīnberga


"It is important to me how my patients and also my colleagues feel

at the dentist's office, so I bought the Maple carbon dioxide measuring device because it performs its function simply and clearly. The maple leaf immediately shows the air quality in the room. As soon as the orange maple leaf lights up, I know that it is not good and that the cabinet needs to be ventilated. While working all day and thinking about patients, there was no time to even think about the importance of fresh air. I am satisfied with the purchased device and recommend it to others."

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Ilmārs Mārciņš 

IT specialist

"I am very happy with this device. Although at first I had some doubts about the chosen method

of indication (maple leaf that changes color), still it proved to be a very effective system for conveying information about indoor air quality. There hasnever been a doubt as to what the indication is. Also, the power consumption, which initially seemed to be a limiting factor, turns out not to be a problem, as the device is able to fully operate from the USB power bank for several days. Which means I can easily move device around the apartment and check the air quality in all rooms."

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"We have a modern house. We didn't even suspect that the air is so bad.

We radically changed our habits at home. Daughter uses Maple as a night light in the bedroom and opens the room door every time the leaf changes color. This was interesting to check in the car! Now we understand why we feel sleepy in the car. The price is high, but the product is worth it!"

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Viktorija Smirnova

Medical student

"I have been using Maple for almost two months now and so far I didn't realize howmuch I needed this product.

I am a student who regularly went to bed after lectures at home, only after purchasing Maple I realized that the biggest reason I went to sleep was that there was too much CO2 in my room, which causes tiredness and sleep. In recent months, trying to turn the leaf green, the room has less CO2, which allows me to be more productive, that is - I do not go to sleep after lectures but, for example, study or clean the house."

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Edīte Stērste

Burtnieki County Municipality

"In the municipality we are several users, so there are also several opinions collected.

I really like it, the design is also great! Device really seems practical and I believe thatit should be in every office, because the red light is the last signal that a window should be opened and it is clear why the working capacity reduces. Yes, it feels like there is "heavy" air and it coincides with the monitor, but still many have doubts about how it works and whether it is exactly like red because it’s hot in the room. If you open the window, it turns green, but still not convincing. This is especially true for the elderly people. Maybe people who like to go into things could provide additional information in the instructions (maybe there is, but I read instructions rarely)."

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