About Us

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Who We Are

We are a team of entrepreneurs with a clear goal and technologically innovative ideas. We believe in ourselves, consult with each other, share experiences, and take responsibility. Together we find solutions for a better result and we are purposeful. We stand for a better and safer world for people - for healthy children, happy parents, and spry seniors!

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Why We Do It

People today are conscious of themselves as active and self-confident beings that can get into a whirlpool of work and various duties so fast that cannot think of self-evident things and forget about themselves. We want people to take care of themselves, their health, and we are ready to help develop this good habit. Our task is to remind people about room ventilation and to ensure that people pay attention to air quality. We have invented a great device that in the daily hustle and bustle reminds modern people about one of the most important resources for life, well-being and productivity!

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We promise

The owner of our device will be a winner, as he will not only receive a useful device but will also change his daily habits. We believe that our device will make our customers' daily lives better. We are happy to receive our customers' feedback because we want to get better and improve!

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Added value

We are very happy to take care of our customers' well-being and we believe that feeling of joy should be shared! Our customers can also bring joy to a smaller or bigger goal and meaning because from each purchased device, share is donated to charity.


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