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Having the air safe in your home is essential for all who live there, including pets and children. A regular thermostat in your home cannot indicate high levels of carbon dioxide, or CO2, in the air of your home. CO2 is much denser than oxygen, and when high levels of CO2 are in the air, it can take away an essential part of living - breathing. Although CO2 is good for plants, which use it for photosynthesis, if toxic levels get into human lungs, it can cause arrhythmia, rapid breathing, and confusion. Much like you do not want a fire to start in your house, you do not want high levels of CO2 in your home either. Luckily, there is a way to monitor the CO2 levels in your home so you and your loved ones stay safe.

How Do I Monitor CO2 Levels in My Home?

The way to monitor CO2 levels in your home is by getting a Home CO2 Monitor and putting it somewhere you can look and monitor the levels of your CO2 every day. Most CO2 monitors indicate the Home CO2 levels by numbers, and a toxic level of CO2 is more than 1000 parts per million (ppm). Although, if you want to make life easier for you and your family (especially young children), you can buy the Maple CO2 Monitor. The Maple CO2 Monitor is perfect for your home because it indicates air quality by color instead of numbers. This way, it is easily readable for all to keep track of your air safety.

The following colors are an indication of very good, good, or bad air quality:

  • Green: If your Maple CO2 monitor is lit with green, this means that the air quality is excellent. The air is fresh and healthy, and no aeration needs to occur.
  • Green-Yellow: If your Maple CO2 Monitor is lit with a green-yellow color, this means there is good air quality. The circulation in the room is good.
  • Yellow: If your Maple CO2 Monitor is lit with yellow, this means your air quality is moderate, and aeration is recommended for the room.
  • Yellow-Red: If your Maple CO2 Monitor is lit with a yellow-red color, this means there is poor air quality, and aeration is recommended.
  • Red: If your Maple CO2 Monitor is lit red, this is very poor air quality. The air quality is dangerous, and you should aerate the room immediately to keep everyone safe.

A Maple CO2 Monitor makes life easier for everyone to have the ability to keep rooms safe and aerated when needed. All the different numbers on a regular Home CO2 Monitor can be confusing, and knowing when toxic levels of CO2 are in your home is not something you should be confused about, even a little.

What Makes For A Good Home CO2 Monitor?

A significant factor in a Home CO2 Monitor is that it has a Non-Dispersive Infrared Spectroscopy (NDIR). The NDIR component has an infrared beam pass through the sampling chamber. A sample of the gas, or CO2, component absorbs a specific frequency of infrared. By monitoring the specific frequency of the infrared, provides an accurate measurement of the CO2 given off in the air. It must be non-dispersive so that the CO2 will be absorbed and not dispersed into any other rooms in your home. Not every Home CO2 Monitor has this component, so you must make sure to purchase a Home CO2 Monitor with this component to get an accurate read, like the Maple CO2 Monitor.

Reasons to Have A Home CO2 Monitor

There are a plethora of reasons to make sure to have a CO2 Monitor in your home. It provides many benefits that outway the risk of not having one.

  1. Safety
    If you have high levels of CO2 in your air, this can cause rapid breathing, arrhythmia, confusion, and in some terrible cases, someone in your home may not be able to breathe and need hospitalization. Monitoring the CO2 levels in your home can prevent this from happening. Monitoring your CO2 levels is especially valuable if you have many people living in a small space. It is always better to be safe than sorry, especially with the global CO2 rate increasing.
  2. Air Quality
    We spend many hours indoors sleeping, eating, showering, and having company over. It is essential to have proper ventilation in your home. That way, everyone is breathing clean air. A Home CO2 Monitor can help monitor these levels for you. That way, everyone is breathing in fresh, clean air daily.
  3. Stronger Immune System
    When air quality is monitored, and CO2 levels are kept at low levels, this can help impact the mind and body to perform better. Monitoring your CO2 levels means getting sick less, which means missing less work or school and having the ability to do those daily chores and errands. The air we breathe is essential, so it is necessary to monitor your quality in your home to keep it at high standards.
  4. Increase Productivity and Comfort
    When the proper levels of CO2 are in your home, this helps everyone’s mind and body function properly. Monitoring your CO2 levels means that children, adults, and pets can have an increased amount of productivity when working, doing school work, or having your dog catch their favorite ball. Also, since the air quality is just right, everyone will breathe better, which makes for a higher comfort level.

Remember, it is essential to monitor air quality in your home for a safe and comfortable living space. The Maple CO2 Monitor can be your Home CO2 Monitor today.

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