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Small enterprises consist of 10 to 49 employees, medium-sized enterprises comprised of 50 to 249 people, and large corporations have more than 250 employees. Whether you have a small, medium, or large business, every employee that enters your building is breathing out carbon dioxide, or CO2, and dispelling that high-density gas into the air. CO2 is what humans exhale, and, in turn, plants take the CO2 for photosynthesis. When there is not enough oxygen in the air, and there are high levels of CO2, it can surpass oxygen levels, causing low levels of oxygen, which is not ideal since we need oxygen to breathe.

Each person omits 2.3 pounds of CO2 per day. When you have anywhere from 10-250 + employees who work eight hours a day, there is a ton of CO2 being distributed into the air. If you do not have a tool that will help you determine if those CO2 levels are dangerous, you could be putting your employees and people who enter the office in danger. Some symptoms of inhaling too much CO2 are rapid breathing, arrhythmia, and confusion. Of course, there is a solution to this problem: an office CO2 Monitor.

What Is Important in an Office CO2 Monitor?

An Office CO2 Monitor actively monitors the amount of CO2 in the air of the office space continuously. The CO2 Monitor does this by a Non-Dispersive Infrared Spectroscopy (NDIR). The NDIR measures the concentration of carbon dioxide that is in the office space. The infrared beam passes through the sampling chamber, where a gas sample absorbs into a specific infrared frequency. The NDIR can analyze that sample and specific frequency to determine how much CO2 is in the office space. The NDIR component in the Office CO2 Monitor is seen as non-dispersive because it absorbs the gas component and does not disperse the CO2 to any other rooms or any other parts within the NDIR component of the Office CO2 Monitor. When selecting an Office CO2 Monitor for your office space, your CO2 Monitor must have this component built into it for a non-toxic and accurate way of reading CO2 levels in the air.

How Will I Know When My Office Space Has High CO2 Levels?

When you purchase your Office CO2 Monitor, there must be a clear display to have the ability to tell if CO2 levels are rising in your office space. Office CO2 Monitors with different colored lights, displaying the air quality in your office space is the best way to go. For example, the Maple CO2 Monitor has five different colors, with different colors indicating other air qualities. If the Office CO2 Monitor displays green, the air quality is excellent, and no actions need to be taken. If the Office CO2 Monitor is showing green-yellow, the air quality is good, and the office space has good air circulation, so no action is needed. A yellow light means the air quality is moderate but acceptable, although you will probably want to aerate the office space. A yellow-red light means the air quality is poor, and you want to aerate the office space. When the Office CO2 Meter displays red, the air quality is dangerous, and you need to do thorough aeration of the room. You also may want to clear the office space of any employees to ensure their safety. Most other Office CO2 Monitors do not display the air quality by color but just by a number displayed. The Maple CO2 Meter creates ease of use without getting too technical.

Why Do I Need an Office CO2 Monitor?

As stated above, increased levels of CO2 in an office space can cause employees’ rapid breathing, arrhythmia, and confusion. With an increased amount of carbon dioxide, there is not enough oxygen in the air. Not having enough oxygen can even cause something as serious as employees passing out and needing to go to the hospital. It is essential to have the right amount of CO2 and oxygen in the air for a safe work environment. Some other reasons to buy a CO2 Monitor for your space are;

  1. Employee Performance
    Having dangerous amounts of CO2 in the office space can affect employee performance. It can harm cognitive and decision-making abilities. And, of course, businesses want their employees at top-notch performance to be able to complete their daily tasks and assignments.
  2. Energy Efficiency for Office Space
    According to a Minnesota Department of Commerce report, having an Office CO2 Monitor can increase your energy savings by over 30%. Your office space gets energy savings because you can ventilate when needed and control air quality by knowing when your CO2 levels are too high. This way, you can have the proper air coming out when needed to keep your employees safe and save energy costs.

When you get the suitable Office CO2 Monitor for your office space, no matter how big or small is a small step to take towards a safer and increased productivity in the office for all.

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