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Carbon dioxide, or CO2, is an acidic colorless gas that, if inhaled at high levels, can cause rapid breathing, arrhythmia, and confusion. CO2 is essential for plants to live on Earth. Plants will take the CO2 for photosynthesis, and in turn, produce oxygen for humans and animals to breathe. Even though CO2 is conducive for plants, it is not exactly beneficial for humans. CO2 is heavier and denser than oxygen, so if there is too much CO2 in the air, it can essentially replace oxygen, giving humans and animals no air to breathe. CO2 levels are essential to monitor because thousands of people are walking around the store daily.

What Makes a Maple CO2 Monitor Unique?

A Maple CO2 Monitor has a Non-Dispersive Infrared Spectroscopy (NDIR) that detects carbon dioxide levels. The NDIR works by an infrared beam passing through the sampling chamber, then a sample of the gas absorbs a specific frequency of infrared. By monitoring the right frequency of the gas, the gas component gets measured to get an accurate reading of the CO2 levels in the air. The reason it is nondispersive is that the wavelength that passes through is not prefiltered. When the wavelength is not prefiltered, the gas molecules can be absorbed instead of dispersing the harmful gas back into the air. The NDIR makes the Maple CO2 monitor extremely accurate and non-harmful to customers and employees.

How Does A Maple CO2 Monitor Work?

The Maple CO2 Monitor also has five different indication levels of CO2 detection that display by color. If your monitor is displaying green, the CO2 levels are excellent and non-harmful in the store. If your monitoring is showing green-yellow, then the store has good air quality and good air circulation. A yellow light indicates that the CO2 levels are moderate, and there should probably be aeration that occurs, but a yellow light still means the air quality is acceptable. If your CO2 Monitor is yellow-red, then there is poor air quality, increased air staleness, and aeration of the room is recommended. A red light means that there is inferior air quality and the CO2 levels are close to dangerous. When your CO2 Monitor is red, thorough aeration of the room is required.

Benefits of a Maple CO2 Monitor

When adding a new CO2 Monitor to your business, it can produce:

A healthier body and mind for employees and customers

When there are high levels of CO2 in the air, especially where there is a significant amount of people, it can impact the organs and the nervous system. Inhaling high levels of CO2 can cause dizziness and confusion, which can ultimately lead to passing out or death if not taken care of quickly. These symptoms are due to not having enough oxygen in the air to counteract the CO2.

A stronger immune system

Just 1500mpp of CO2 (which is not a high level of CO2) can start affecting the human body and brain. When your business is carefully monitoring the CO2 levels in your store, you can aerate rooms when needed. Having your rooms aerated and not having high levels of CO2 in the air can help keep the immune system strong.

Disease prevention

With more oxygen in the environment, it makes the air more alkaline. The alkaline of a healthy person is pH 7.4. Having the right amount of CO2 in the air acidifies the human body, helping prevent many different diseases.

Why You Need a CO2 Monitor In Your Store

With thousands of people walking into businesses every day, this means that the air conditioning or heater is on 24/7. The air condition system has to regulate itself all day to control the ventilation of the store. Air conditioning regulation is especially prevalent around the holidays, where there are even more people shopping in stores. The average person emits about 2.3 pounds of carbon dioxide a day. So, 2.3 times 1,000 per day equals a hefty amount of CO2 in the air in a store. To keep your employees, you, and customers safe from any harm, like not having the ability to breathe correctly, it is essential to be proactive and have a CO2 Monitor handy.

Monitoring the safety of your business’s air quality is beneficial to you, your employees, and customers in multiple ways. Adding a new CO2 monitor to your store or business can create a healthier environment and help your customers and employees know that you care about their well-being. Companies want their customers and employees to feel safe, and a CO2 Monitor can do just that.

Maple CO2 monitors for every occasion:


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