CO2 Monitor - Air Quality Sensor Indoors
CO2 Monitor - Air Quality Sensor Indoors
CO2 Monitor - Air Quality Sensor Indoors
CO2 Monitor - Air Quality Sensor Indoors
CO2 Monitor - Air Quality Sensor Indoors
CO2 Monitor - Air Quality Sensor Indoors

CO2 Monitor - Air Quality Sensor Indoors

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Maple CO2 Monitor case is made of the ash tree hardwood, which is an environmentally friendly material. The device shows the actual concentration of CO2 gas in the room, with the maple leaf coloring in 5 different colors.

Available casings for Maple CO2 Monitor devices:

  • Natural ash tree hardwood, lacquered. The elegant look allows the device to fit into any sophisticated interior. Tined ash tree hardwood, lacquered.
  • Darker toning highlights wood fiber and further amplifies the appearance of an ash tree hardwood.

The Maple CO2 Monitor can be placed on a table, shelf or any other stable surface.

The box contains:

  • Maple CO2 Monitor
  • USB power adapter
  • USB cable for powering 1 pcs
  • User Manual

A unique and simple way of presenting information - understandable also for people with special needs.

Maple is an interior item that fits well into any interior.

Night mode decreases color intensity without disturbing sleep.

The wooden body is an environmentally friendly material.

Each Maple CO2 Monitor is unique.

LED multi-color display in maple leaf form. The colors are bright and visible even in a bright room from a long distance.

An infrared (NDIR) carbon dioxide sensor ensures a stable, long-lasting operation of the device.

Maple CO2 Monitor is equipped with an infrared CO2 gas sensor that performs a self- calibration every 24 hours. Your device may not have been connected to power for an extended period of time, which may cause inaccurate sensor readings. Therefore, when you first connect your Maple CO2 Monitor, we recommend performing manual CO2 sensor calibration.

Follow the light indication of the maple leaf and aerate rooms thoroughly, if necessary:

  • Open a window at least for a short moment.
  • Create draught in the room (the room shall be left for that time.
  • Switch on additional active ventilation.
  • If a room is too small and the air becomes stale very quickly, leave doors of all rooms open for better air circulation.
  • Stay in rooms with poor air for shorter periods of time.

We recommend to follow the level of carbon dioxide in rooms on regular basis and keep Maple device connected to power supply permanently!

Important things to keep in mind for Maple to work long and efficiently:

  • Ensure that no ventilation grilles of the appliance are covered.
  • Do not place the device near open flames.
  • Do not expose the device to vibrations or shocks.
  • Do not disassemble the device.

Readings: CO2

Working environment: indoor

Working voltage:+ 3... +5,5VDC

Power consumption up to: 0.45A

Working temperature: 0...+50oC

Working humidity: 0...85%RH (no condensate)

Inaccuracy: +/- 120ppm

Automatic CO2 sensor self-calibration: every 24 hour

CO2 sensor measurement frequency: 1 Hz

CO2 sensor response time: 120 sec

CO2 sensor warm-up time: 180 sec

Weight: 165gr

Dimensions: 90x130x33mm

Marking: CE.

Nr. Color ppm* Explanation
1 Green <720 Fresh air
2 Green and Yellow 720-1000 Acceptable air
3 Yellow 1000-1300 An increased concentration of CO2
4 Yellow and Red 1300-1800 High level of CO2
5 Red >1800 Too high level of CO2



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